The world's first Ethereum based NFT lottery.

About Us

CryptoNFTlottery believes that people like us are trying to make money from NFTs, taking a shot in the dark and hoping for the best.

We figured out that the best and most efficient way to make money is through a community raffle with a low number of participants to achieve good chances, and assure you that everybody is a winner.

We’re opening our first raffle with only 1000NFTs of which 100 will be winners!

There is a 1-10 chance to win at least 0.35ETH. The first 3 people will take massive gains. A super quick and profitable flip to your NFT.

Come and join us for a long and exciting journey full of memorable gains, and that’s a promise!

Be quick to mint some NFTs as soon as the announcement comes out.

We wish you the best of luck and we believe that you may be one of the lucky ones to come out with 35ETH in your wallet!

Are you ready for the moment? We’re happily awaiting your arrival.

Prize list:

1st place: 35ETH

2nd place: 10ETH

3rd place: 3ETH

4th-28th place: 1ETH

29th-50th place: 0.5ETH

50th-100th place: 0.32ETH

Come join the future!