The world's first Ethereum based NFT lottery.

Q1-2022 - We are creating a strong community on discord, and we are opening 1000 whitelist spots for a raffle tickets on a public sale.

Q2-2022 - Official public sale on Opensea for the 1000 tickets and 24 hours after they have sold out, we will announce the 100 winners with a 1 in 10 chance to gain profit, including the happy winner as well.

Q3-2022 - Weekly raffles will be held monthly on discord which will include 3 different prizes that’ll be decided by a community vote.

Q4-2022 - We’ll be launching branded events for the community in different cities. Our goal is to join up with bigger companies around the world via sponsorship.

Q1-2023 - We’ll do the first yearly event with prizes that are worth over two million dollars in ETH.


Come join the future!